Questions about ordering

TRACK WORLD accepts verbal orders from customers over the phone, and written orders sent via email. Once a quotation is presented by TRACK WORLD and accepted by the customer, ordering can be done by simply giving us the go-ahead on that quotation.
The item description will state if the listed pricing is for a single piece or for a set.
Yes, you may purchase a single tyre, track or pad. However, we recommend ordering in sets when possible to maximize machine performance and balance.
If you cannot find your make or model on any list in the TRACK WORLD web site, this does not mean that we cannot offer you a solution. Please contact us for further assistance.
TRACK WORLD researches all products we sell to ensure the highest quality rubber compounds and structural product designs. All products use the latest manufacturing technologies. They have been tested in various terrain and climate conditions, providing proof of their reliability and performance.

Questions about payment

TRACK WORLD accepts only payments in advance made by bank transfer (direct deposit) or credit card. TRACK WORLD accepts MasterCard & Visa. No other payment methods are currently accepted.
All prices will be quoted without GST included. The GST will be stated separately and the total (GST inclusive) price will be listed at the end. A GST 'Tax Invoice' will be provided for each transaction.
Typically in Australia a bank transfer can take between 1 to 3 working days. Your goods will be dispatched only after the cleared payment has been received in our bank account.
You will be quoted a fixed price and freight costs upon enquiring. This is the price that TRACK WORLD will charge. Some negotiation may be entered into, but only at TRACK WORLD's sole discretion.

Questions about shipping

No. All product prices are exclusive of freight charges and GST. The total delivery cost will be quoted separately. Please note that freight is quoted based on the suburb and postcode you inform to TRACK WORLD. You must be precise with your location as even a short distance variation can make a significant difference in freight costs. Any changes to the delivery address must be made through contact with TRACK WORLD. Any extra freight costs will be passed on to the customer.
TRACK WORLD is able to ship anywhere in Australia (incl. Tasmania). To determine shipping cost, we will calculate total freight costs from our warehouse to your location in Australia. Should you encounter any difficulties in obtaining the freight cost or if you are resident of a country which is not listed here, please contact us.
Your order will be shipped only after the payment is received and cleared into our bank account. Shipping times are solely up to the freight companies TRACK WORLD uses. TRACK WORLD cannot be held responsible for any losses due to slow shipping times.
Yes, you are free to organize your own transportation. Conditions and additional pick-up fee may apply if customer wishes to pick up directly from our warehouses. Please, contact us for more details on our Pick Up Procedure.
Yes, you are able to collect your order yourself. As TRACK WORLD has facilities and warehouses across Australia, it may not always be possible to collect items by yourself. In these cases shipping is the only solution. Please Note: Some storage warehouses charge a fee to load goods for local pickup. TRACK WORLD will notify you of this before pickup and charge you accordingly.

Delivery Information

Shipping and handling fees are calculated by our system during the quoting process. They vary depending on your desired shipping destination and the total weight of the order.

Deliveries are organized by a separate logistics company. Any transit days suggested by TRACK WORLD are an estimate only and TRACK WORLD cannot be held responsible for any delays.

Shipping Policy and Shipping Risk

Any loss or damage to products that occurs during transportation by a carrier selected by TRACK WORLD is TRACK WORLD’s responsibility. This means that the risk of loss and title for such products passes to you upon our delivery to your designated shipping address.

Shipping routes and means of transport are subject to our discretion. TRACK WORLD disclaims any liability thereof.

For any orders picked up by you directly from our logistics distribution centres or shipped with a customer-selected carrier, risk of loss or damage and title for such products shall pass to you upon delivery to you or your carrier.

TRACK WORLD disclaims any liability for delay of delivery resulting from third party, incomplete or inaccurate destination address provided by the customer or other circumstances beyond the scope of control (force majeure). Re-consignment charges will apply.

Pick up Procedure

For shipments within Australia: Upon placing an order you have the option to arrange pickup directly from our logistics warehouse.

A Pickup Fee per order may apply for standard packaging.

Note that goods are released from our warehouses only after TRACK WORLD receives the full due amount for the order in its bank account.

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