Over Tyre tracks

Over Tyre Tracks for Skidsteer Loaders (Skidsteer Tracks)

Our Over Tyre Tracks (Skidsteer Tracks)  are specifically designed to suit the terrain they are to be used in.

Quick mount attachment for tracked performance

An OTT add-on that increases skid steer loader traction, flotation and tire life. Installed in only 20 minutes, it’ll enhance the productivity of your skid steer loader on asphalt, concrete and turf surfaces without causing damage or marks.

Over Tyre Tracks - Rugged, Reliable & Efficient. Turn you Skidsteer into a tank.
Over Tyre Tracks – Rugged, Reliable & Efficient. Turn you Skidsteer into a tank.

Watch a video on Camso Over Tyre Tracks here.

Installing Over Tyre Tracks video.

Contact us with your make and model of machine, and the tyre size (12″ or 10″). We will get you the best priced set of Over the Tyre Tracks (Skidsteer Tracks) with the highest quality components specifically made to suit your machine.

We will take the time to talk with you about where you will be using your machine and how it will be required to perform. We will ask you the right questions. Therefore we will ensure that you will get the right type of Over Tyre Tracks (Skidsteer Tracks) to fit your machine .

Over the Tyre Tracks (Skidsteer Tracks) are more specific these days. As a result, providing the right OTT system for your individual requirements is something we specialise in.

Our rugged OTT systems turn your skidsteer into a virtual tank.

TRACK WORLD AUSTRALIA is available on 1800 BUY TRACKS (1800 289 872)  or email us here, and an obligation free assessment and quotation will be sent to you.

Key information when using Camso rubber Over-The-Tire tracks:

  • Tires need to be air filled.
  • Tires need to be R4 tread pattern.
  • Tires are recommended to be run at max air pressure.
  • Some aesthetic wear on the sidewall of the tire can be expected when OTT’s are used as an attachment.

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